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The Relentless Pursuit of Major Gifts

December 15, 2014


The Relentless Pursuit of Major Gifts

December 15, 2014

Authored by: Keith Kehrer

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015 from 7:30 a.m. to noon at KWMU Public Radio in Grand Center, 3651 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63108. (For directions, click here.)

Successful nonprofit organizations have the capacity and ability to find and cultivate major gifts as part of their fundraising and development plan. Come to this class to learn successful strategies and tactics for bringing in major gifts. Instructor Martin Leifeld, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement at the University of Missouri St. Louis, will share how he approaches his work and how he’s achieved the successes he’s had in securing major gifts. Class topics will include: attitudes and traits of successful major gift fundraisers, concepts to increase your effectiveness and confidence, and facets of leadership in major gift fundraising.

Instructor MARTIN LEIFELD has served as vice chancellor for university advancement at the University of Missouri–St. Louis since August 2008. Since his arrival he

IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2014-20

December 12, 2014


On December 11, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2014-20.

  • Register for IRS webinar: Help for      charities
  • ACA Information Center for Tax      Professionals
  • IRS Updates Health Insurance      Marketplace on IRS.gov
  • IRS tips for year-end gifts to      charity
  • Deadline nears for Return Preparers to      qualify for new IRS program
  • Register for EO workshops
  • IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2014-19

    December 9, 2014


    On December 5, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2014-19.

  • Register for IRS webinar: Help for charities
  • Announcement addresses realignment of technical work between TE/GE and Office of Associate Chief Counsel
  • Register for EO workshops
  • Modified 403(b) plan Listing of Required Modifications coming soon
  • Reimbursing Employees for Individual Health Insurance Policies Subjects Employers to Hefty Excise Taxes

    December 4, 2014


    What, you may ask? That’s right. It no longer works to reimburse employees for the purchase of an individual health insurance policy. I know, many of you have always done this. Well, not any longer under guidance issued under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Beginning with an IRS Notice issued in September 2013 and most recently in November 2014 DOL FAQs, the federal government has made it clear that this practice does not work under the ACA. While it flew under the radar for some, this rule became effective in 2014.


    Why, you may ask? When an employer reimburses an employee for an individual health insurance premium, or pays the premium directly to the insurer, it has (perhaps inadvertently) established a “group health plan” which is subject to the so-called Public Health Service Act mandates of ACA.