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CDFI – NMTC Awards and Site Visits

May 21, 2015


During the Advisory Board Meeting of the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) held today, NMTC Program Manager, Bob Ibanez, remarked that Round 12 allocation awards are expected in late May to early June.  This is consistent with prior public comments.

Bob also indicated that he and his team expected to again conduct site visit between this round and the FY 2015 round in order to gain a better understanding of CDE best practices and challenges to better inform future CDFI programmatic policy decisions.  Bob’s closing remark to the chair, that it “would not hurt to get more allocation” is worthy of note.  Bob further made mention, several times, of the challenges faced by CDEs and most program participants due to lack of program permanency.

An archived version of the Advisory Board meeting will be posted here.

IRS Affordable Care Act Virtual Presentation: Employer Shared Responsibility and Information Reporting

May 7, 2015


To register for this event, use one of the following links:

(Note: All sessions will cover the same materials; you only need to register for one event.)

Session 1

May 12, 2015  (Tuesday) 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Eastern)

Registration Link: https://events.na.collabserv.com/register.php?id=3370d73350&l=en-US

Session 2

May 21, 2015 (Thursday) 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Eastern)

Registration Link: https://events.na.collabserv.com/register.php?id=bf21406600&l=en-US

If clicking the above link does not work, please copy the entire link and paste it into your Web browser.

IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2015-6

April 6, 2015


  • Don’t miss the IRS webinar: Unrelated Business Income Tax and Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • IRS releases FY 2014 Data Book
  • Top eight tax tips about deducting charitable contributions
  • Interim Guidance issued on Applicability of Unrelated Business Income Tax to State Chartered Credit Unions
  • Recent revocations
  • Register for EO workshops
  • IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2015-4

    March 19, 2015


    On February 17, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2015-3.

    Inside This Issue

  • Recent revocations
  • IRS seeks volunteers for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
  • IRS’s Top Ten Identity Theft Prosecutions
  • Don’t include Social Security numbers on publicly disclosed forms
  • Register for EO workshops
  • Tax Time Guide: Online tools help taxpayers choose a qualified tax preparer
  • IRS Workshop for Small & Medium 501 (c)(3) Organizations

    March 9, 2015


    • When: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 // 9 AM–4 PM
    • Where: Summit Lounge in the J.C. Penney Conference Center, UMSL North Campus
    • Fee: $45 before May 1; $55 after May 1; $70 at the event – Click here to register now!

    As every 501(c)(3) organization knows, IRS rules and regulations are stringent and require compliance on an ongoing basis if a nonprofit organization intends to maintain its 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. Attend this special, low-cost workshop to hear directly from the IRS about the benefits and responsibilities of tax exemption under 501 (c)(3), and actions that may jeopardize the exempt status of an organization.

    Topics will include:

    • The definition of unrelated business income, including common examples and exceptions, filing requirements and charitable gaming.
    • Classification of workers and filing requirements for employees and independent contractors.
    • An overview of the Forms 990, 990-EZ, and 990-N (e-Postcard), including tips on recordkeeping

    IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2015-3

    February 18, 2015


    On February 17, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2015-3.

  • Register for IRS phone forum: Employment Taxes for Exempt Organizations
  • Review recent EO published guidance
  • IRS launches Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers; Online tool offers new option to help taxpayers
  • Choose a tax preparer wisely
  • Taxpayer Bill of Rights: #2, The Right to Quality Service
  • Ten great reasons to visit IRS.gov
  • Read more IRS news releases on biggest tax scams for the 2015 filing season
  • Register for EO workshops
  • Don’t Be Confused – 9.56% may still just be 9.5% for you

    February 13, 2015


    In prior posts, we have described how coverage has to be “affordable” to avoid the ACA play or pay penalty. We’ve usually used the shorthand that the premium must be no more than 9.5% of an employee’s household income. However, that 9.5% is subject to periodic adjustments designed to approximate the difference between the growth in insurance premium costs and income. For 2015, that percentage has been adjusted to 9.56%.

    However, there’s a catch here: the percentage applies to actual household income, which is something an employer is very unlikely to know. Recognizing this, the IRS has provided some safe harbors based on information more readily available to an employer. Those are the W-2, rate of pay, and Federal Poverty Line safe harbors.   Without describing all the details, the general rule is that if the premium for an employer’s coverage is less than 9.5% of the employee’s

    IRS Exempt Organization Newsletter 2015-2

    February 6, 2015


    On February 5, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2015-2.

  • Register for IRS Phone Forum: Employment Taxes for Exempt Organizations
  • Renew your PTIN
  • New EO published guidance posted
  • National Taxpayer Advocate focuses on taxpayer service and Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • Read IRS news releases on biggest tax scams for the 2015 filing season
  • Register for EO workshops