Barrie in Bloomberg BNA Publications

January 31, 2014

Authored by: Keith Kehrer

DC and New York Partner John Barrie was quoted Jan. 27 by Tax and Accounting Center and Jan. 24 by the Daily Tax Report, both Bloomberg BNA publications, concerning requirements for Section 501(c)(4) status. To qualify for this tax-exempt status, applicants must ensure that 51 percent of their activities and expenditures go toward social welfare causes, according to recently released training materials from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS was embroiled in controversy in 2013 after it was revealed that the agency targeted conservative political groups for extra scrutiny as they applied for 501 (c)(4) tax exemption. As a result, the agency has been asked to clarify what “candidate-related political activity” such organizations can maintain. Barrie said one route to clarification would be new legislation. “I think this is one where Congress needs to step in and provide some guidance,” he said.