New IRS online tool offers expanded access to information on tax-exempt organizations; newly-filed data available to public for first time

The IRS introduced a new online tool designed to provide faster, easier access to publicly available information about exempt organizations.

The new Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) replaces EO Select Check, a more limited tool available since 2012 that focused primarily on providing information on an organization’s tax-exempt status. Among the enhancements, the new TEOS tool includes images of newly-filed 990 forms and it’s mobile friendly so you can access it using smartphones or tablets.

“This new tool provides taxpayers an easy way to get information about charitable organizations,” said Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter. “Tax-exempt organizations play a critical role in our nation, and this will provide greater insight for people considering donations.”

Many tax-exempt organizations must file information returns by May 15; do not include Social Security numbers or personal data

The IRS reminds certain tax-exempt organizations using the calendar year as their tax year of the Tuesday, May 15 filing deadline for Form 990-series information returns. Organizations must not include Social Security numbers or personal data in their filings. Additional information is in theIRS Fact Sheet.

Form 8976 Electronic Notice Registration System Updated

Recently, we added the following functionality to the Form 8976 Electronic Notice Registration System:

·         The registration system now links to to prompt organizations to pay the required Form 8976 fee immediately.

·         A non-payment notice will be generated if the required fee isn’t paid within five days of submitting Form 8976. If not paid within 14 days, the registration will be rejected.

·         The registration system won’t allow uploads of subsequent documents for the same organization.

Online study to improve website navigation

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