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Bryan Cave understands how universities and colleges operate in a highly regulated environment that make them among the most legally complex and challenged institutions nationwide. The multiple missions they serve – providing education, advancing knowledge through cutting-edge research, and providing the most advanced patient care available – also contribute to the sometimes-staggering legal complexity confronting higher education.

The attorneys on Bryan Cave’s Higher Education Team possess the experience, breadth and insight to solve the myriad challenges facing universities and colleges. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we serve institutions with the following service offerings:

Bryan Cave appreciates that now, more than ever, universities and colleges are finding themselves under strenuous attack in the courts and from regulatory agencies across the broad spectrum of legal domains in which they operate, so each of our Higher Education Team offerings includes attorneys specializing in dispute management and litigation specific to that group’s area of concentration. The attorneys in each of these groups fully appreciate how the diverse and sometimes competing constituencies within institutions of higher education can occasionally complicate management’s efforts in developing and executing legal strategies. We are skilled at assisting those efforts without making the complex dynamics of university governance and management even more challenging. We’ve “been there,” and we understand the unique discomfort that can sometimes attend higher education’s engagement with legal issues and processes, particularly in the internal investigations/compliance, technology transfer, and academic health care arenas.