Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 from 1-4 p.m. in #402 J.C. Penney Conference Center on the UMSL north campus. (Note, members of the Community Builders Network (CBN) will have an additional discussion/meeting from 4-5 p.m.)

The NPML Program is proud to partner with the Community Builders Network (CBN) for this presentation. Learn more about CBN at:

Is your organization currently participating in partnerships with other organizations and/or groups? Are you planning to do so? Do you want the existing partnerships to be even more successful, or want to optimize the chances that future partnerships and collaborations will be so? This workshop is for current and aspiring nonprofit executives, managers, and board members who want to learn the most promising principles and practices to form and sustain successful partnerships and collaborations. It will also provide an opportunity to learn and share obstacles to, and strategies for success. The workshop will mix plenary presentation and discussion, a panel of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders with ample Q&A, and small, break-out group discussions with peers. Takeaways include methods and tools to increase success at partnerships.

The objectives for participants include:

  • understanding the wide array of types of partnerships, their benefits and limitations, so that you can better choose which are most suitable for your organization’s purposes;
  • learning the primary obstacles to successful partnerships;
  • learning the factors which contribute to success;
  • understanding about the stages of partnerships or collaborations and promising methods and tools for co-leading organizations through them;
  • sharing with your peers about what does and doesn’t work in partnerships.

John McClusky will be the primary presenter. John is a consultant, educator, and author in the field of nonprofit leadership who has trained thousands of leaders and consulted with hundreds of nonprofit organizations. He was the founding director of  academic programs in nonprofit leadership and management at two universities, the most recent being NPML here at UM-St. Louis. John was a nonprofit organization executive for more than 20 years, including program executive at the Danforth Foundation, regional chief executive and national president of the Coro Foundation, vice chancellor for external relations at UM-St. Louis, and academic vice president of The Washington (D.C.) Center, a national higher education institution.

John has been a speaker and trainer on collaboration and partnerships nationally and regionally and a senior adviser to numerous partnerships, coalitions, and large scale collective initiatives (including CBN) here in our region. Finally, he has initiated or co-led at least 30 formal partnerships among nonprofit and other organizations, and co-led several larger collaborations.


Felicia Shaw – Executive Director, Regional Arts Commission (RAC)

Rikki Takeyama Menn – Vice President of Strategic Engagement, St. Louis Regional Health Commission

Dara Eskridge – Senior Project Manager, Urban Strategies

Registration fee: $35 (Members of CBN can enroll for this class at the discounted rate of $15. Contact a CBN representative to obtain the discount promo code). 

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